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These are exciting times!!!

Its just AMAZING how the World Wide Web has now been operational for more than 35 years ... almost 3 generations have made it their own, as if it was always in existence. 

How can we keep it safe, exciting, ethical and profitable.

The Future is Yours. They are preparing for their first big mission to Mars, scientists believe it will only take 10 years to trigger an atomosphere up there! The Earths population is scheduled to double by 2100, that is almost unthinkable, unless ...

What will we do when Planet 9 (and more) is finally discovered, the Global Citizen Search initiated by Nasa is going to find it soon, plus a heap of other entities  .. are you ready for the big changes coming ...

One year younger than Yahoo 

     One year older than Google!  

Yup ... We've been around a while.

Those who got online at about the same time as we did, had the privilege to watch the internet emerge to become an immense, powerful communications tool,  that now embraces the entire planet. In that time we've helped many clients and partners tap into this remarkable source,  for wealth and success that many never imagined possible ... 

2017 we put down some roots in the Wide Bay Queensland region, retaining our Sydney presence (plus Dubai and China).  

Please enjoy your stay with Splash today!

Your Host ... MadamSplash

What the Heck is Marketing Anyway?

Marketers are the Movers, the Shakers and the Ethical Protectors of our Planet.

When I listen to people talk about marketers (before I divulge my profession) it sure is disappointing to know we have a bad name, thanks to some of the sheisters out there ...

But the truth is, a product or service cannot become great without the science of Sales and Marketing behind it.  We are the unified tactitions that have the knowledge and experience, to plan and apply a winning formula to a new or existing product or service. This does not just include the selling cycle but the squeezing of extra profits from value added lines, new product development, repetitious contact, manufacture savings and logistics

There has to be somebody bouncing around with the passion, belief and courage it takes to be the unwaivering champions to launch great ideas and innovations, and that my friend is marketing  

Did You Know  ....

  • The current world population is estimated to be 7.35 billion.
  •  It was estimated that  just under 3.8 Billion internet users online now.
  • There were 40 Million when we began. 

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